God's Prairies Simple Farm

Farm Fresh Free Range Eggs from God's Prairies Simple Farm.
Producing average 18 eggs per day.
Deliver to Bonnyville, St. Paul, Elk Point, Stoney Lake and surrounding area.

My 24 Hens are raised in a 100 sq foot coop with a 400 sq foot run.
They are free range in in the yard three days per week. The rest of the time they are in run to control their proper healthy diet.
They are feed alfalfa, oats, corn, oyster shells, grass, cherries, garden greens, fruit, Saskatoons during the summer and winter (thawed) and clean grit.
Our Chickens are well cared for, loved and a respected producer on our farm, EGGS ARE AS ORGANIC AS YOU CAN GET.

AddressBonnyville, AB